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Good bye everyone Empty Good bye everyone

Post  jake23 on Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:12 pm

well i see this server is not going to any part... i dont know if i quit... maybe yes cuz skilled is like dead... i can host the server i finded out how to portforward and to host but not even that can make skilled mom appears.. is sad to say bye, i loved this server and i loved tiffany, i would like to say that if this server is ever gonna be online.. we had our moments on this forum Wink i also want to thank skilled cuz he promoted, defended, and loved me like a bro, thanks for all those great times! i am quiting also because well this forum is like dead, when i say dead is DEAD, BOOM, CACHA! again is sad to say bye but this is not going anywhere.

with love,


p.s here is a picture of me (tiffany always wanted me to post a pic of me Smile

Good bye everyone Img-thing

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