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Dj's Mod App :) Empty ACCEPTED

Post  Skilled Moms on Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:37 am

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Dj's Mod App :) Empty Dj's Mod App :)

Post  Dj Puma on Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:34 am

1: How long have you been a part of MerkendScape? I have been a part of MerkendScape ever since it came out really.. Surprised

2: What will/or is your ingame name? My ingame name will be Dj Puma.. ( of course Very Happy!)

3: What is your irl name? Dj Razz

4: What can you do to help MerkendScape as a moderator? I can help out to make server maybe better.. maybe have forums a bit better if needed.. Smile

5: What are some things you have done on the forums or chatbox to help? I have not done much yet because I was recently on a vacation in Florida Surprised

6: Would anyone reccomend you to be a moderator on Merkendscape? Lets see? Smile

7: Do you get along with the other staff? Most of the time yes, but it mostly depends on what there like.. what i mean by that is like.... if there nice or if there *** holes.. Surprised lol (dont mean to be rude =[])

7B: If no why not? I kinda explained that in part A i guess.. lol

8: What will you do if Me, U R Xp 2 Me, Sky4Stella, Or Jake23 say "No" To your application? If anyone says no to my app... it just tells me that i need to work harder OR i dont deserve it Razz

9: What will you do if Me, U R Xp 2 Me, Sky4Stella, Or Jake23 say "Yes" To your application? If they say yes to my app, It lets me know I do deserve it and I have earned it. Smile

Thanks for reading my app!! Comment what you think! Very Happy!@!!

Dj Puma

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